Grid Assisting Modular Hydrogen PEM Power Plant

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22 junio, 2018BY Grasshopper


Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, environment and energy sectors while providing long-term value for its shareholders via management characterized by the fostering of entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility, transparency, and rigor. Abengoa develops three different activities: Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure Concessions and Industrial Production.

The enterprise, Abengoa Innovación, S.A. is a company headquartered in Seville (Spain). Its objective is the organization and operation of businesses and activities related to the production and the storage of electric energy using different technologies, as well as the production of energy from renewable sources, and its clean and efficient use.

The main activities carried out in recent times are in the areas of energy efficiency and energy storage, power electronics, aerospace, electromobility, development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and power generation plants based on fuel cells.

Abengoa Innovación’s workforce compromises 51 Engineers and Licentiates, experts in different disciplines, who have been developing projects in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector for 15 years.