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22 junio, 2018BY Grasshopper

Johnson Matthey

JMFC is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of fuel cell catalysts, membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) and other components to fuel cell and electrolyser developers worldwide. JMFC is a partly owned subsidiary of Johnson Matthey plc, a speciality chemicals company and world leader in advanced materials technology with over 13,000 employees in over 30 countries. JMFC develops, manufactures and supplies catalysts, electrodes and MEAs for low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEMFC) and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), proton exchange membrane water electrolysers (PEMWE) and high temperature phosphoric acid based fuel cell systems (PAFC) and currently produces several hundreds of thousands of electrode/CCM/MEA product parts per annum.

With 130 permanent employees, almost all based in the UK. Over 50% of the staff is professional technical personnel with science and engineering qualifications, working in research, product and process development. Significant investments have been made in recent years in world-class fuel cell materials and component research and MEA testing facilities at the parent corporate Technology Centre in Sonning Common, near Reading, and in the world’s first dedicated electrode and MEA manufacturing facility in Swindon, Wiltshire. Of particular relevance are the multimillion € investments in recent years in advanced production scale coating and converting equipment fully contained in clean rooms with Class 1000 capability. The instrumented coating line has interchangeable coating head capability allowing coating of widths up to 650 mm at speeds up to 30 linear m/minute and has sophisticated dimensional control QC systems. The converting line enables the high-speed integration of membranes, catalyst layers and edge seals. Senior personnel have considerable experience in participating in, and leading, government supported R&D projects and JMFC has well-established administrative, financial and legal support groups to manage these projects and ensure successful delivery of the contractual requirements.