Grid Assisting Modular Hydrogen PEM Power Plant

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22 junio, 2018BY Grasshopper

Politecnico di Milano Politecnico di Milano is a public technical university organised in 12 departments and a network of 6 Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 40,000, which makes it the largest Engineering School in Italy. On the last QS ranking, Politecnico di Milano ranked 28th in the world, 9th in Europe and 1st in Italy among the Engineering and Technology universities. Support to the project will be granted by the Group of Energy Conversion Systems (GECOS), belonging to the Department of Energy. The GECOS group currently includes three full professors, four associate professors, eight assistant professors and about 20 among post-doc and PhD fellows. GECOS group has a wide and recognized background in power plant and energy system simulation and optimisation, focusing on advanced energy conversion systems for clean power generation and industrial processes. Over the last years, a particular focus has been devoted to the research in the area of carbon capture technologies, renewables, cogeneration, hydrogen production and fuel cells. In these fields, since 2008 the GECOS group has participated and is currently contributing in over 16 projects financed by EU FP7 (e.g. CAESAR, CACHET-II, DEMOYS, ASCENT, H2TRUST, DEMCOPEM) and H2020 programs (e.g. CEMCAP, BIONICO, STEPWISE, FLEDGED, ELECTROU), with roles including Project Coordination and WP Leader.