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6 junio, 2019BY Grasshopper

Consosrtium members during the last

Consosrtium members during the last meeting in Duisbürg

On the week from 20 to 24 of May took place the last meeting of the consortium before beginning the construction of the 100kW pilot plant during this summer. ZBT received us in their beautiful facilities in Duisburg to address many different topics, from technical aspects of the project to start planning the road ahead after Grasshopper. And we are very excited about it!  The members of the advisory board kindly joined us during Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 to further expand the already accumulated knowledge on the electrical market and chemical industry, direct potential applications for the project. As its name states, grid assistance remains the key focus of Grasshopper, however, the potentials applications of the technology are not scarce and we are exploring new fields for it.

Cogeneration of electricity and heat, long-term and high-density energy storage, zero emissions energy solutions, isolated and microgrids energy management… Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power Plants are versatile and reliable electric and heat sources, and we are eager to show more of our work in the next months as the construction and validation of the pilot plant take place.   

We have also published our leaflet for those interested in learning more about the project. You can download here.