Grid Assisting Modular Hydrogen PEM Power Plant

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Large and dynamic MWe size Fuel Cell Power Plants are one of the key enabling technologies for the new renewable based energy infrastructure which is one of the key reasons for the EU to support development of PEM Fuel Cell Power Plants (FCPP) so far. In previous projects, such as DEMCOPEM-2MW, the technical feasibility of stationary MW FCPP has been proven. However, it has also become clear that with this SoA technology, a fundamental joint innovation as proposed in the GRASSHOPPER project is needed to reach a CAPEX level of < 1,500 €/KWe. This level is required to open the target markets. In addition, dynamic operating capability is a new feature necessary for economical participation in renewable energy markets. This target will be fully integrated in the GRASSHOPPER design (including implementation of Demand Response programmes for the local grid).